Prices For Junk Cars


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Many people are interested in finding out prices for junk cars. Junk car prices vary depending on how a company recycles your junk car. The junk car price may be higher for people selling damaged cars, damaged repairable cars, wrecked cars, or salvage vehicles. Damaged salvage cars, especially those people selling wrecked cars, will usually get some of the highest prices for junk cars. These vehicles are repairable and also valuable for their parts. Late model wrecks and popular vehicles command the highest junk car value.

There is a difference between selling a car for scrap and selling a car for salvage. Scrapping a car means breaking it down primarily for metal. Scrap car value is usually a few hundred dollars. Alternatively, a car for salvage means that the car is popular and can be broken down for sought after parts. Parting out a car is what happens when you sell a salvage car. You will get more money when you sell car for salvage rather then scrapping a car. Sell Your Clunker purchases junk cars for both car scrapping and salvage. FILL OUT THE FORM!, we pay some of the highest prices for junk cars in the industry.

If you junk a car with no title it may be worth less because most car buying websites can only purchase it for the scrap value of a car at the given time. Scrap car value changes often due to market conditions and commodity prices. Scrap car value will be higher on heavier vehicles, so keep that in mind when scrapping a car.

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